For a new development project, an extension of the fresh water supply or anything in between, our engineers are ready to become involved to meet your fresh water demands. With the long-term vision to realize a low costs water supply, while obtaining excellent water quality, high system reliability, reduction of environmental impact and offering full service and support, we are eager to learn more on your specific project ambitions. As a flexible organization with a strong global network and years of experience, we are able to meet the fresh water needs on a worldwide level for a wide range of end-users. We can either supply a complete turn-key renewable energy driven desalination system and train your staff to take care of the operations, or we take care of the design, finance, installation and operation of the entire system and supply you with the fresh water generated.


Customized project approach to establish full satisfaction

First of all, we would like to understand your ambitions and requirements for the fresh water supply at the particular location you are involved in. Through personal contact with our team, we make sure that the mutual expectations are described and met. During these moments, all your initial questions can be answered, while we gain insights in crucial project details. The source water quality and required fresh water quantity are different for each project, just as the local infrastructure, regulations and availability of renewable energy sources. This will result in a specific proposal for your project, which is discussed until mutual satisfaction and agreement.

Implementation through close collaboration

The next phase consists of the preparation and implementation of the project, resulting in an operational fresh water supply. Taking into account the existing infrastructure of the location and the planning of the project, we will make sure to deliver on time. If you either prefer to work with certain suppliers and would like your engineers to become much involved in the project implementation, or prefer us to handle the entire preparation, we can make it work. All the responsibilities of preparatory activities before implementation such as permitting and civil construction works are determined and taken care of. The shipment of the equipment will be organized and in a short period the installation services will be executed by our team. At this stage a complete turn-key system is operational and fresh water is produced using only the sea, sun, earth and wind.

Reliable operations and tailored support

We understand the importance of care-free reliability and will familiarize ourselves with your specific operation and support requirements. Through real-time remote monitoring it becomes possible to perform preventive maintenance to prevent any downtime and to ensure high water quality. The entire system has been designed for a minimum of maintenance and replacements of parts to realize the cost savings. Depending on your preference, location and in-house staff availability, we can either provide the knowledge to operate the system by a professional training, or offer you the maintenance services. Most of the components require little maintenance or no maintenance at all. PV panels have a long-life cycle and only need to be rinsed with water once in a while, depending on the location. The pipes and water tanks are robust components with a long lifetime and the pump is chosen to be resistant to the saline water source and maintenance free for years to come. The water treatment part is simplified by the pre-treatment, reverse osmosis and post-treatment. Depending on the source water quality and the purpose of the fresh water, manual maintenance activities are scheduled periodically. These activities are limited to cleaning or replacing the pre-filters and reverse osmosis membranes and the replacement of the wear parts of the energy recovery device. We will make sure spare parts are readily available through close collaboration with local suppliers and by keeping them on stock.

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