Mar 20th 2014

San Francisco is a place where entrepreneurship thrives. During the period of 9-15 March, Elemental Water Makers was invited by Climate-KIC to join the Dutch cleantech delegation to visit the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco, which is a dream come true. It's a no-brainer that the global topics of energy and water fit the cleantech forum. The energy intensive industry of desalination is responsible for 0.5% of the global electricity consumption, while accounting for 0.7% of the global water supply. The theme of the Cleantech Forum was accelerating system change towards a decentralized future, which our solution stimulates.We have had inspiring talks by sector leaders, entrepreneurs and investors in the field and met some great people along the way. We were given the opportunity to pitch our innovation during the Dutch innovation showcase session at the forum, which was received with much enthusiasm. Bridges have been built to Hawaii, where electricity prices have reached over 0.37 $/kWh and many initiatives are undertaken for sustainable and cost effective technological innovations.The opportunity to pitch at SF New Tech was also apprehended. SF New Tech is the San Francisco Bay Area's largest, longest-running, and most-loved monthly technology event and networking mixer for people who can't get enough of technology. SF New Tech's stage is a platform for young startups and established companies alike, to show off what they've been working on in front of a room full of people who actually care. The pitch and question session is available to review here.Last but not least, the 22nd of March is World Water Day. This year's theme is water and energy, which fits very well with our activities. Water and energy are closely interlinked and interdependent. In 2014, the UN System is collectively bringing its attention to the water-energy nexus, particularly addressing inequities, especially for the 'bottom billion' who live in slums and impoverished rural areas and survive without access to safe drinking water, adequate sanitation, sufficient food and energy services. It also aims to facilitate the development of policies and crosscutting frameworks that bridge ministries and sectors, leading the way to energy security and sustainable water use in a green economy. Particular attention will be paid to identifying best practices that can make a water- and energy-efficient 'Green Industry' a reality. Let's make it happen.

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