Mar 11th 2016

Our installation on the Virgin Islands has produced more water than an Olympic sized swimming pool can hold. Over 3 million liters of fresh water have been supplied from seawater, using only the power of the sun. Already 17 tons of carbon dioxide emissions have been avoided in this process. Follow the impact of our clean-tech technology live through the monitoring portal

At the same time, we have been busy formalizing the project for the municipality on Cape Verde. It's a lengthy process of permitting and applications with many stakeholders involved. However, the local institutions are moving ahead and we expect to have all paperwork in place soon. This will allow us to start the execution phase, which we are looking forward to.

In February, we have been nominated for the Water Innovator of the Year in Rotterdam. We got the opportunity to present ourselves in front of an audience of 200 industry experts, a pitch that has been well received and resulted in the audience award. We were also present at the European Innovation Partnerships Conference 2016 on Water, where we got the chance to connect with other members of the European Action Group on Renewable Energy Desalination and showcase the work that we have already achieved. 

We have also welcomed a new member, Pieter Zaalberg, to our team who is using his civil engineering skills to benefit the design and installation of the elevated water buffer. By making efficient use of local material and equipment available, we will be able to select the best method and material of construction at different locations, slopes and ground layers. This will directly reduce the costs of our system and thereby lower the costs of water even more. 

We are noticing an increased demand for desalination solutions driven by renewable energy, most likely through increasing awareness of the limited availability of groundwater and rainwater. There are many projects in our pipeline that are materializing upon which we hope to give you an update soon, stay tuned!

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