Sep 28th 2017

The recent impact of the hurricanes in the Carribean require a coordinated response. Water is not only life, it's the key to any development, to secure stability, to enable growth, to provide independence, to develop sustainably. Elemental Water Makers is proud to be involved with emergency relief and rebuilding to provide access to fresh water through desalination. For these situations, we have compact, plug and play, easy to use desalination units that can generate sufficient potable water using a generator for locations cut-off from main water and energy supply. Water is essential, we are available to help out.

We are happy to share that the solar energy driven desalination installation on the British Virgin Islands has made it through the storm without significant damage, thanks to procedures in place to remove the solar panels for these circumstances. Fortunately, our other island installations were not affected by the hurricanes.  

One of our clients of an island lodge in Mozambique was kind enough to provide us with his experience switching to one of our solutions, which you can read at our Reference-page in the Projects section:
Previously, we were sailing a dhow to the mainland with a 5000-liter water tank. The crew had to walk 300 meters up and down with a petrol pump on their heads to fill the boat tank from the beach header tank. After sailing back, we would have to