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Sid Vollebregt - Managing director

Sid holds a Master degree of the University of Technology in Delft, The Netherlands in Sustainable Energy Technology and Technological Entrepreneurship. He has spent several years abroad and has passion for innovative international developments in field of water and renewable energy. Sid is involved in determining the company strategy, commercial developments and project management and has won several pitch awards. He has a strong vision that desalination driven by renewable energy holds an essential role for the global fresh water supply. Sid is a water enthusiast full of energy and enjoys spending his free time surfing in the sea, sun and wind.

Reinoud Feenstra - Technical Director

Reinoud is an engineer with an academic background in Water and Mechanical Engineering. He has lived in Canada and finds himself at home in all continents by a long history of travelling. His detailed and well-calculated approach has resulted in the successful operation of the field pilot in Indonesia. He will ensure that all technical requirements are met in close cooperation with the preferred suppliers, from the design up to the installation of a project. Reinoud’s reliable character and stable personality make him a pleasure to work with. When the wind is blowing, you are likely to find him kitesurfing at the sea.

João Varela - Business Developer

Joao Varela is an energetic and passionate team member who’s driven by water projects that create tangible impact. He holds a degree in Law from the University of Minho, Portugal and post-graduated in European Human Law by the University of Coimbra. His skills as legal adviser allowed him to embrace the municipal water supply project in Cape Verde. Due to his advocating talents, positive energy & passion for social entrepreneurship, Joao will certainly contribute to future business development of Elemental Water Makers.

Careers and collaboration

We understand the importance of local knowledge and enjoy working together with local partners for the planning, preparation and execution of each project. As fresh water demand and local knowledge is widespread, we are always interested to get in touch with partners or individuals who understand this specific niche market and are able to play an essential role in the realization of projects. We strive to use state-of-the art proven technology and are interested in new developments within our scope of activities. As we realize our people are at the core of our success, we are also eager to hear from ambitious individuals who share our values and would like to become part of our journey to solve fresh water scarcity using only the sea, sun, earth and wind.

Board of advisory


Michiel Lensink was the CEO of Voltea. He has led water technology start-ups for more than a decade. He founded Filtrix, was the Managing Director of Norit Filtrix, and developed a new range of decentralized water filtration systems based on membrane technology. He has a Masters Degree in Physics from Delft University of Technology and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. His main areas of expertise are business development, executive team building, strategy, BtoB marketing and operations. His specialties are cleantech with a strong focus on water.


Louis Cornelis (Luuk) Rietveld is professor Urban Water and Drinking Water Technology at the TU Delft. He worked from 1987 until 1991 as Associate expert for the Dutch Directorate General for International Co-operation in Mozambique. In that period he was employed as lecturer/researcher Sanitary Engineering at the Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo, Mozambique. Since 1991 he is employed at TU Delft. He has an extensive global network and experience in the field of water treatment. His research activities focus on fundamental knowledge of treatment processes to be able to explain their behaviour and anticipate on changes and disturbances. Special interests are water quality and treatment, wastewater reclamation, water & IT, water & energy and water supply for the poor.


Reinoud Kimman, born in 1959, is an active investor in sustainable energy. Previously he worked as project developer for Econcern, Trading manager for Eneco and as Vice president for the APX, Amsterdam Power Exchange. Graduated as a Petroleum engineer he covered a broad range of energy supply. He worked and lived in South America and Singapore and holds a MBA from Rutgers University. He is active as business developer for EWM in the Middle East.


Climate-KIC, the EU’s main climate innovation initiative, has offered Elemental Water Makers participation in the pretigious EU business acceleration programme focused on cleantech commercialisation. With fast track entrepreneurship education, top-notch tools & techniques and intensive coaching, they have set up the world’s first real-life business school for cleantech entrepreneurs. In three phases they take start-ups through a rock-solid 18-month programme to grow great ideas into great businesses.

Technical development of the system has been performed in close cooperation with the Delft University of Technology, located in the proximity of the main office. More than 10 graduate students and interns have transferred their knowledge and helped to build the company.

YES!Delft is the Dutch incubator for startups with a scalable, technological innovation. At YES!Delft, the forces of startups, coaches, investors and innovative corporations are united to fuel entrepreneurial success. The rich facilities in the YES!Delft incubation center provide Elemental Water Makers with the required entrepreneurial tools and network access.

The STW foundation's objective has been to realise uptake of excellent technical scientific research by the market and therby enabling new technologies. STW has supported Elemental Water Makers during the commercial and technological valorization and with the introduction of the technology into the market.

Elemental Water Makers is part of the Water Alliance, a unique partnership of public and private companies, governmental agencies and knowledge institutes involved in water technology. The Water Alliance focuses on innovative and sustainable water technology that can be used worldwide.

The European Union Action Group of Renewable Energy Desalination has also selected Elemental Water Makers to join the group, who will promote the use of desalination powered by renewable energy, as an environmentally friendly solution for a sustainable water supply.


  • MBR Global Water Award 1st prize
  • Selected for Climate-KIC acceleration program stage 1, 2 & 3
  • STW valorization grant I & II obtained
  • Selected as Sustainable Young 100 in 2013 & 2014 & 2016
  • Winner business pitch competition All Energy Day
  • Winner UfD-Cofely energy efficiency award
  • Winner business pitch competition DSC
  • Nominated for Simon Jelsma Award
  • Nominated for Social Enterprise of the Year
  • Winner New Venture Feasibility study
  • Finalist Water Innovator of the Year
  • Presenter Kick-off TEDx Ideas From Europe
  • Exhibitor CHTA CHIEF Conference Puerto Rico
  • Presenter Dutch Dialogues World Expo Milan
  • Exhibitor EIP Water
  • Exhibitor AquaTech Amsterdam
  • Presenter Springtij
  • Presenter AquaTech Venture Forum
  • Presenter CaribDA Conference Trinidad
  • Presenter TEDxAmsterdam
  • Presenter Leader of the Future

Elemental Water Makers B.V. was founded in the spring of 2012 by Sid Vollebregt and Reinoud Feenstra, two engineers of the University of Technology Delft. The foundation of the company originates from a technological innovation which was designed, implemented and evaluated in 2011 by the construction of a successful field pilot in Indonesia. The experience of the team over the past years in this complex niche market of desalination and renewable energy has resulted in unmatched expertise and understanding of the sector.


We observe that fresh water scarcity, the availability of energy and climate change effects are becoming crucial global challenges. As a response, we aim to solve fresh water scarcity by using only the sea, sun, earth & wind.


We believe that reducing costs will always play an important role in the decision making and therefore strive to provide the most cost attractive renewable energy driven desalination solutions for fresh water production. At the same time, we want to deliver a long-term sustainable solution for the water supply. Therefore we provide solutions that utilize renewable energy sources. We also understand that offering a carefree fresh water supply is important, while providing an outstanding level of service and reliability.


We recognize that we are part of a crucial time-span where all life on our Planet faces challenges, while we acknowledge the human influence on these challenges. Short-term motivations primarily driven by money have gotten the overhand on important values as sustainability, environmental impact and quality. We have set the goal in our organization to be aware of this problem and to contribute by offering long-term, sustainable and high quality solutions which avoid environmental impact.

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IBAN: NL72 RABO 0172 4688 33
VAT: NL852154781B01
Chamber of commerce: 56496850

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