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Reverse osmosis powered by the sun in Belize.

The country of Belize has roughly 386 km of coastline, and has many coral reefs, cayes, and islands in the Caribbean Sea. Many of these islands and cayes have limited fresh water resources. At the same time, the local water infrastructure can be expensive, unreliable and with limited quality. In some cases, the water is hailed by trucks, which is costly and noisy exercise.

This is the reason why resorts, private properties, and developers are looking for alternatives. With the abundance of the sea and sun, it makes sense from a financial, environmental, reliability and sustainability aspect to organize a private water supply through solar-powered reverse osmosis.

This off-grid property in Belize now enjoys sufficient clean water for domestic use and irrigation. The efficient desalination unit and intake pump are designed to have a low energy consumption through energy recovery. Maintenance is made easy using automated fresh flushing of the membranes, avoiding tasks by only using highly durable components and including remote monitoring and control.

Desalination Belize

Off-grid development using efficient desalination.

kWh of energy
m³/day of fresh water
% of total savings
t/yr of CO2 savings

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John and Sarita Holzmann | Owners, Holzmann Family Enterprises
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belize desalination

Compact set-up with
training for operation included.

Reverse osmosis belize

Access to unlimited water.

Belize water supply


Reliable savings.

Save up to 75% on water expenses.

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