5-year anniversary with a global taste.

It’s been more than 5 years ago since we have started solving fresh water scarcity, using only the elements sea, sun, earth & wind. We are proud to see that desalination driven by renewable energy is becoming an increasingly important water supply solution, embraced by policy makers, developers, managers and property owners. Over the years it has become possible to turn the water supply into an enriching experience for people, planet & profit. We look forward to continue to lead the way.

We are happy to announce our official partnership with Private Islands Online, the global marketplace for private island sales and rentals. These island experts recognize the high quality service that can be offered to their customers, as mentioned in their last Private Island Magazine ‘fresh water has never been so easily obtainable or this free of guilt’. Through this partnership, we aim to reach more scattered islands to prevent noisy and expensive diesel generators to be used for desalination. It’s time to start enjoying the comfort of an affordable, reliable & independent water supply from unlimited clean resources.
The Global Island Partnership GLISPA has listed our solutions to have the potential to be scaled and replicated to built resilient and sustainable island communities. We hope being listed as a Bright Spot will help us in reaching decision and policy makers of Islands worldwide to enable them in meeting their water needs using their natural resources available.
One of our customers has announced our partnership on their website. This eco-resort in Lanzarote relied on trucked water hauled from the island’s main desalination facility, which involved high expenses and contributed to emissions of fossil fuels. By switching over to a small-scale but energy efficient desalination unit that receives its energy from the sun & wind, savings go hand-in-hand with the total reduction of the carbon footprint involved with the water supply. An independent, reliable and sustainable fresh water supply will be realized to provide high-quality on-site, demonstrating clean-tech island living.
Last but not least we were given the opportunity to share our story at Singularity University NL as a success story for the participants of the Global Impact Challenge and the clean-tech community. The Dutch magazine Nieuwe Revu has published an interview with our managing director Sid Vollebregt as a portrait of Dutch Hope. Also H2O Magazine has portrayed the work of Elemental Water Makers in their latest issue. Of course we have considered World Water Day, the day of the most essential element on Earth. As a result, we are working on a new initiative to reach the people who are facing water scarcity on a daily basis. We expect to share more news on this soon.

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