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‘’A special thanks to Elemental Water Makers who joined forces with Lanzarote Retreats to achieve their sustainability goals. The Dutch team made it possible for our eco-village to become independent on water. We are naturally powering the desalination unit by harnessing the wind & sun.

I hope Elemental Water Makers will continue to encourage the rest of the world to do the same.’’

Lanzarote | Tila Braddock | Owner Lanzarote Retreats, view project

‘’My family and I selected Elemental Water Makers to provide fresh water for our home in the British Virgin Islands because they presented us with a cost-effective solution to creating a continuous supply of very high-quality water, without monthly electrical bills and without using fossil fuels. Their technical people listened carefully to our needs, were a pleasure to work with, and in the end, designed a custom solution that works as promised.

After struggling for years with high electric costs, power outages and the unreliable water quality and volumes produced by our home’s traditional reverse osmosis system, we now enjoy more than 3,300 gallons of fresh water every day, using nothing more than sunshine and the natural elevation of our property. And in the process, my children and I are helping to reduce the Virgin Islands’ carbon footprint and preserve its precious environment for future generations.

We would recommend Elemental Water Makers without hesitation.’’

British Virgin Islands | Paul Serini, J.D. | Diamond Reef Limited, view project

“There are four major issues in the provision of potable drinking water in Southeast Asia: water cost, quality, access, and environmental impact. Working with EWM technology we are able to invest locally into decentralized water production solutions that overcome each of these challenges. Starting in the Philippines, regions where we operate can now enjoy affordable high-quality water that has been produced using a sustainable method, in line with our vision.”

The Philippines | John Jadczak | Managing Partner NXTLVL Water, view project

Cape Verde faces water scarcity because of limited natural water resources available. Desalination technology accounts for over 90% of the fresh water supply. Because desalination is very energy intensive, water is not affordable. Water tariffs are even a higher burden in remote villages, where water has to be trucked to. EWM is working in Salamansa, Sao Vicente to show that reliable water can be produced at low costs in these villages, without requiring any investment. Using Award-winning proprietary desalination technology to turn seawater into high-quality fresh water, using only the abundant sunshine.

Cape Verde | Municipality | CMSV, view project

’The original water supply plans weren’t sufficient for this private island hideaway. The Gladden Island team received a high-level, cost-effective desalination system, delivered on time with top-notch customer support throughout the process.’’

Belize | Chris Krolow | Owner Gladden Island, view project

''Previously, we were sailing a dhow to the mainland with a 5000-liter water tank. This was hugely time-consuming and a concern of safety in bad weather. Water was a constant issue.
Not anymore it isn't. We are delighted with the desalination solution, it has rocked our world completely.''

Mozambique | Kevin Record | Owner Mogundala Island, view project

At a nursery for small plants in Indonesia, we have installed a solar energy powered brackish water desalination system assisted by gravity. The fresh water is used to grow the small plants. This project has been the result of a cooperation between the University of Technology Delft, The Netherlands and the Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia and has won several prestigious innovation awards.

Indonesia | Landscaping, view project

When the street water is not so reliable, quite expensive and fluctuates in quality, a private efficient desalination unit for a beach house is a welcome addition. It leads to redundancy and independence, while savings expenses.

British Virgin Islands | Virgin Gorda | Private property, view project
Efficient desalination in the BVI

My previous reverse osmosis system used to skyrocket my electricity bills. Besides the high energy consumption, it was a headache to maintain. My caretaker had to replace the intake pump and the membranes too often. It’s a relief to see Elemental Water Makers provided me with a complete desalination solution that uses only a quarter of the energy, is designed for salty environments and works automatically to preserve the membranes.

British Virgin Islands | P.A. Serini, J.D. | Owner Diamond Reef Estate, view project
Desalination Belize

We were thrilled to find Elemental Water Makers. Considering our location, and our need for a system that could operate on solar power alone, their system was of particular interest since it was designed for low power consumption from the start. Even more, we love how—unlike other RO systems—it is designed for only part-time and occasional use. At this time, we have only occasional need for water production (when we outstrip the production of natural rainfall), so it is reassuring to know that we don’t have to keep the water flowing at all times just to ensure the system doesn’t fail. EWM seems to have thought of everything

And then, of course, we should comment on the competitive price and cheerful service, even when major difficulties with delivery meant their installer was unexpectedly stranded on our island for almost a week. He figured out how to redeem his time and cut what would otherwise have been very difficult additional costs to bear.
We look forward to a long and happy relationship with this fine company.’
John & Sarita Holzmann | Owners | Estate Ambergris Caye Belize, view project

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