Clean and reliable drinking water from seawater with 3x less energy.

Tanzania’s economy is boosted by tourism, which still has undeveloped and pristine remote sites and lodges. At any remote location that receives limited rainfall, water scarcity is a big issue. Often the lodges and islands are forced to transport water using trucks or boats, which is an expensive exercise. Fortunately for them, Elemental Water Maker’s solution to generate clean and affordable high-quality water from the sea can easily be obtained.

Island lodge using efficient desalination.

kWh energy per day
m³/day of fresh water
% of total savings
t/yr of CO2 savings

“When developing our island resort, water was one of the main issues we had to tackle. We were glad to find the team of Elemental Water Makers, who were available to help us plan the water supply from an early stage. As the groundwater has limited availability, we use a beach well to get access to a constant supply of seawater that is turned into clean water for our guests. Because energy is expensive on-site, we were thrilled to find out that this solution uses 3x less energy than traditional desalination solutions.”

Owner , Island lodge, Tanzania
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Reliable savings.

Save up to 75% on water expenses.

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