A wide range of uses.


Reliable savings


Desalination - Reverse Osmosis - Water Maker - Solar Desalination - Solar Reverse Osmosis - Solar RO - Solar Water Maker - PV Desalination - Desalinator - Renewable energy desalination - Renewable energy reverse osmosis - Off Grid - Water from sea - Salt water filter - Salt water purification - Seawater filter - Drinking water from seawater

Total independence


Safe potable water

Water Utilities

Natural resources


Big savings


Water for all

Desalinate smarter.

Save up to 70% on water expenses

Enjoy strong savings avoiding the use of electricity.

Start saving on your water bill.

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Sustainable using unlimited resources

Utilize the abundant resources of the sea and sun.

Avoid emissions as no fossil fuels are involved.

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Independent and reliable supply

A reliable water supply every day independent of others.

Regardless of water availability and energy prices.

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Stress-free operation & remote monitoring

Check in on your water supply, anywhere, anytime.

No more surprises thanks to automated messages.

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