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Water is not an exact science, it’s almost an art. Add energy to the equation and two completely different fields of expertise are required to merge, without causing a short-circuit. Without proper pre-filtration, the membranes will quickly have to be replaced. Without the correct energy supply, the motors won’t be able to turn. As a system integrator with patented technology, this is where we thrive, creating tailored solutions to fit your needs.

1. Expert intake

Our engineers analyse your daily water demands, the project location and information regarding potential infrastructure. We get a basic understanding of your situation.

2. Free and non-binding offer

Using rough assumptions we quickly estimate your potential savings and payback time and provide you with a free offer to discuss.

3. Design and planning

Once we are on the same page, we will design your custom project solution and plan the installation together.

4. Professional installation

Through close collaboration and clear communication, the water supply solution will be up and running in no-time.

5. Maintenance training

A training for operation & maintenance is provided and support will be available for troubleshooting.

Your choice.

As a global yet flexible organisation, we meander our ways to find the optimum form of collaboration and financing. Dependent on your application, we can work together with your project partners, provide a complete turn-key installation, provide water as a service or involve a non-profit foundation.




Water as a Service


Custom design
Tailored transport
Client installation
Turn-key installation
Training for operation
Operation & Maintenance
Remote monitoring
Full customer support
Complete warranty
Project financing
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