Getting access to a Reliable supply of Affordable clean Water.

On many Cayes in Belize, the local water supply is quite expensive and not available year-round, especially during the peak season. Many Resorts receive a heavy water bill on a monthly basis. Investing in an Efficient Desalination Unit is a very lucrative activity.

The savings are more than 80% on the water expenses, allowing a payback within one year! Besides that, our Desalination Technology allows to become independent and ensures high quality and constant availability of the produced water.

Our Technology has been designed for ease of operation by automation, remote monitoring and the use of durable components. The local operator, who is involved in the Resort’s maintenance, has been trained within a day, ensuring a stress-free operation.

Boutique Resort using efficient desalination.

kWh of energy
m³/day of fresh water
% of total savings
t/yr of CO2 savings

“Operating in a rapidly developing resort community relying, as it does, almost 100% on our municipal water system, there are times when demand exceeds supply, particularly during peak seasons. EWM proposed a cost-effective solution to the challenge of reliably supplying a busy resort property’s water demands by supplementing any shortfall in the municipal supply. This permits us to satisfy the needs of our guests and making municipally-supplied water available for other businesses and residents on the island. We’re very pleased with our investment and the personalized service provided by the company.”

Brent Kirkman, Manager Victoria House Resort & Spa, Belize
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Project media.

The project team inside the desalination cabinet.

Container and water treatment equipment.

Source water intake.


Clean water filling the system.

Reliable savings.

Save up to 75% on water expenses.

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