Water Purchase Agreement with the municipality.

A rural village in Cape Verde has a population of around 1300 inhabitants. The people can currently buy water through two water stations in this village. The first one receives trucked water from the city, which is an expensive operation (>6 €/m³) with risk for water contamination and provides limited availability. The second contains brackish water unfit for drinking. This brackish groundwater is sold at a high price (>3 €/m³) and there is the risk of depletion of the aquifer over time

Elemental Water Makers offers the technology to desalinate seawater on-site, using only solar energy. An independently operating water treatment facility will be created, which uses only the sun and sea to provide affordable drinking water. The investment for the entire installation is covered through pre-arranged financing, which allows us to propose to sell the water for a long period of time. This means no investment of the municipality is required, but only the willingness to work together and the commitment to purchase the produced water. This project offers direct savings without investment for the municipality and the inhabitants, generating jobs and providing full independence and sustainability.

Cape Verde.
Municipality using solar desalination by gravity.

kW of solar panels
m³/day of fresh water
% of total savings
t/yr of CO2 savings

Cape Verde faces water scarcity because of limited natural water resources available. Desalination technology accounts for over 90% of the fresh water supply. Because desalination is very energy intensive, water is not affordable. Water tariffs are even a higher burden in remote villages, where water has to be trucked to. EWM is working in Salamansa, Sao Vicente to show that reliable water can be produced at low costs in these villages, without requiring any investment. Using Award-winning proprietary desalination technology to turn seawater into high-quality fresh water, using only the abundant sunshine.

Salamansa | Sao Vicente, CMSV
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