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The British & US Virgin Islands, Canary Islands, Belize, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Indonesia.. What do they all have in common? As almost all islands and coastal area’s, fresh water is scarce while the ocean is abundant. Energy is expensive, while the sun shines every day and there’s a steady breeze to enjoy. On all these locations we execute projects to provide affordable water using desalination by renewable energy. To save cost. To provide reliability. To get rid of the entire carbon footprint. To provide independence. To secure fresh water today, without limiting tomorrow.

Past months we have introduced our extended range of solutions. Besides LET NATURE DO THE WORK, our solar water maker using gravity from a hill, we have introduced WORKS EVERYWHERE. This state-of-the art technology is suitable for atolls and confined area’s, as there is no elevation requirement. An independent water supply is secured through solar energy combined with a small battery storage. For places that are already enjoying green energy, we can easily provide EFFICIENT WATER MAKERs that have remarkable energy efficiency, even for small water production capacities. These solutions have already found their ways to four continents for private properties, resorts, condominiums, municipalities, farms and private islands!

Three members of our team have visited Cape Verde for two weeks to prepare our municipal sized project for the drinking water supply of an entire village of 1300 people. Many regions in Cape Verde have no access to fresh water and rely on water trucks to get potable water. In the near future, high quality water will be enjoyed at much lower costs & jobs will be provided, while only using unlimited resources. It was a true pleasure to once again connect with all stakeholders and we look forward to its execution on short notice.

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