Construction on virgin islands close to completion.

It has been a little bit more than three weeks of construction which allow us to state that the entire solar energy driven reverse osmosis solution on the Virgin Islands is almost completed. The source water intake has been realized and the seawater resistant submersible pump has been placed. A trench for the pipeline has been created and the pipe and cables have been placed. The water treatment equipment and sensors have been placed, the concrete foundation for the solar panels has been cast and the frame has been installed.Today, the PV panels have reached the location of installation through a barge and once they are installed, it will be time to test all individual components and the entire system. This means that we can almost taste the fresh water production using only the sea, sun & earth. Exciting times!Especially, as from that moment on, Elemental Water Makers will enter a new company phase. A new website will be launched, explaining the working principle of the solution through an animation, showing details of the construction of the project on the Virgin Islands and giving real-time performance insights of the water production and solar energy used. This will allow the entire world to view our solution to solve fresh water scarcity and cope with the limited availability of fossil fuels. It will be the next step for our company, also involving a slight upgrade of our corporate identity. A moment which we are looking forward to and aim to execute within a few weeks time. Stay tuned…

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