Ensuring fresh water today, without limiting tomorrow.

While the northern hemisphere is busy enjoying summer, our office is buzzing with activity. The Greek President Pavlopoulos has paid us a visit to discuss the water supply for the Greek islands. Accompanied by the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs Xydakis, the Mayor of the City of Delft Bas Verkerk, Rector Magnificus of the University of Technology Delft Karel Luyben and many others. It was an honor to talk about our goal to ensure fresh water today, without limiting tomorrow. The Greek islands still have an expensive water supply, with fresh water being transported by boats or generated by old conventional driven reverse osmosis units. This means there are plentiful opportunities for an affordable and reliable fresh water supply through desalination driven by renewable energy.

In the meanwhile, our installation on the British Virgin Islands has celebrated its one year jubilee of guilt-free fresh water production. The installation has produced over 4.5 million liters or 1 million gallons of water from the sea, using only the energy from the sun. Over 60% cost savings are enjoyed in comparison with the former, electricity driven reverse osmosis unit. At the same time, the installation saved 25 tons of carbon dioxide emissions past year. Through the project page on our website, its water production performance can be enjoyed in real-time. The ultimate experience is to really taste the fresh water and to notice the absence of the noise of generators and pumps, allowing the island’s natural soundtrack of wind and waves to return to the forefront. If you would like to experience this yourself, please let us know and we can arrange a visit.
The project in Cape Verde is moving along steadily. We have established a local company, obtained the first of many permits and have land registered for the use of the project. We expect to go to Cape Verde in September to finalize the process and start execution.
Private Island Magazine, world’s largest collection of islands for sale and for rent, featured Elemental Water Makers in their Spring/Summer 2016 edition as reliable and affordable solution for islands. ‘Fresh water has never been so easily obtainable or this free of guilt.’ The 112 pages magazine can be enjoyed at this page.
Our office has been strengthened by two gentlemen familiar with the issues of island living. Loïc, an engineer from the Seychelles, is working with our technical team on custom projects for renewable energy driven reverse osmosis systems that do not require elevation. João is a legal expert with roots in Cape Verde working on the acceleration and organisation of our project in Cape Verde, while at the same time performing business development.
To conclude we want to remind you that also if you have no access to elevation, this will not be a problem. Besides our famous installation using gravity, we are able to supply any given water capacity with an efficient desalination solution driven by renewable energy. Make sure to leave your project information to receive your free quote and join us in solving fresh water scarcity, using only the sea, sun, earth & wind.

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