Water crisis in top 5 of severity of impact.

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Water made it again to the list of the WEF for Top 5 risks by the severity of global impact over the next 10 years. 2020 was the first year where the top 5 in terms of likelihood are all environmental issues, including water scarcity.

“This is the year when world leaders must work with all sectors of society to repair and reinvigorate our systems of cooperation, not just for a short-term benefit but for tackling our deep-rooted risks.”
~Borge Brende, President of the World Economic Forum.

By implementing sustainable desalination solutions Elemental Water Makers is overcoming possible water crises by using the unlimited resources of the sea & sun.

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Clean water now available in Chile.

Our technical team has completed a new desalination project in Chile. Together with our Chilean partner Potable, we enable savings of 75% on the water expenses, allowing a short payback period.

Financials: Traditional vs Elemental©.

Let’s take a look at a user case. A water user has a water demand of 9 m³ per day. Rainwater is captured, but doesn’t provide sufficient water throughout the year, leaving desalination as the only alternative.

Our Efficient water maker enables the owner to enjoy high-quality water on-site, with stress-free maintenance, and remote monitoring. With the Efficient water maker, 55% of water savings are realized which equals $112.000. The solution saves money and 18 tons of CO2 each year.
Naturally, for bigger projects, the savings will only become stronger. We deliver projects up to 1.000 m³/day. We have a tailored project approach to ensure smooth integration in the local circumstances.
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Brine discharge can boost fish life.

New research, completed by the Southern Cross University, has shown that the excess of salty water discharge attracts a lot of fish. In a 7 year study at the Sydney Desalination Plant, it was found that there was a 279% increase in the number of fish living around the plant than before its start-up. The Sydney desalination plant produces 15% of Sydney’s drinking water.

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BERSTIC conference.

Our business developer in Colombia gave a presentation at the BERSTIC conference at Bucaramanga. He presented the role of renewable desalination for solving the coastal water scarcity. Companies & academia explored partnerships for biorefineries and renewable energy projects.

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New Talent: Emmy.

We are happy to welcome onboard Emmy Brückner. She will work as the marketing officer, keeping you up to date on the latest developments to turn the sea into clean water using the natural resources of the sun.

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Global Faculty member.

We are proud to announce that our CEO Sid Vollebregt has been certified as Global Faculty Member on the subject ‘Water’ by Singularity University, focussing on moving from water scarcity to abundance.

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Elemental Water Makers has been interviewed by EIT Climate-KIC for its innovation-spotlight. In the article, our vision to solve fresh water scarcity by our desalination technology using only the sea, sun, earth & wind is highlighted.

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