Moving from traditional to state-of-the-art water technology.

Traditional vs. Elemental© desalination.

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With freshwater demand on the rise, the need for desalination is more prominent than ever. However, traditional desalination technology is far from sustainable or affordable and it requires perpetual maintenance. How can we continue providing freshwater without limiting our planet’s tomorrow?

The Elemental Water Makers technology stands for being affordable, environmentally conscious and easy to operate. The energy recovery device (ERD) can reduce the required energy consumption by up to 75%, which makes it ideal for small-scale desalination.

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Five new projects commissioned.

Our technical team is proud to report that 5 new desalination projects have been completed in Mozambique, the British Virgin Islands, Belize, Tanzania and Madagascar. The resorts, communities & the private island now enjoy a reliable supply of affordable high-quality water. Read more about the project in Madagascar.

Dutch expertise. Global Impact.

Efficient desalination using integrated solar power, your own energy or a hybrid solution? We offer a variety of desalination solutions to meet every need and a tailored plan for all of our clients.
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Overcoming the brine issue.

The brine, the saltier seawater leaving the membranes, is often considered an issue due to its high salt concentrations and the presence of chemicals. To prevent environmental impact, we do two things:
– Operate on a lower recovery ratio than traditional desalination units. This results in a brine concentration that doesn’t differ much from the original source water salinity, minimizing its impact.
– No chemicals are being used during operation.

By avoiding negative impact, desalination of seawater by the sun becomes a sustainable source of freshwater for generations to come.

Global expansions to ensure water abundance.

New Talent: Emma.

We are happy to welcome onboard Emma Little. She is here to combine her love for water engineering and business development. Emma is available to discuss desalination projects in both English and French.

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Bram: Colombian office.

Bram’s establishment in Colombia has been promising. Together with the UCC, he is working on enabling water for a community in La Guajira and for various coastal water users that now are forced to truck expensive water.

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Inspiring Volvo.

Our CEO Sid Vollebregt is portrayed as a changemaker in this exciting video from Volvo Cars The Nederlands. Find out more in this beautiful short film (English subtitles can be selected) about the Elemental Water Makers technology.

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