Progress bvi project & inspiring media coverage.

Climate-KIC, Europe’s largest innovation partnership focused on climate innovation, has written an extensive article about our activities. The article, with the title ‘Elemental Water Makers produces fresh water from the sea, sun, earth & wind’ covers the solution offered and the problem solved by our innovation. Also it gives a short overview of the foundations of our company, our current activities and the challenges we have faced to get to this point. Learn more at this link.All Dutch primary schools have read it in Januari’s SamSam magazine: making fresh water from seawater using renewable energy is a smart solution for the future! This articlewas put together with the expertise from Elemental Water Makers.Also the German newspaper der Tagesspiegel has covered an item on the history and status on drinking water from the sea, featuring input from Elemental Water Makers, which can be read here (in German).StartupJuncture, a blog dedicated to presenting news related to Startups, has written a piece on the experience we have had regarding feasibillity studies. The article is published online here.In the meanwhile, we have made much progress regarding the solar driven desalination project implementation on the British Virgin Islands. All components have been ordered and are almost ready to be shipped to the location, after which the installation services can commence. The picture shows the solar panels getting ready for seafreight. The local preparations are also well on their way, laying the right foundations for succesfull project completion.

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