Water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.

A global increase of +3.8% in combined water and wastewater tariffs has just been reported this year. One of the reasons is prolonged and more frequent droughts, which are already affecting 4 billion people worldwide.

This has resulted in the need for solar desalination in the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, Asia, America and the Pacific, where resilience, independence, and savings are combined with an improved access to clean water.

Read about the impact of a reverse osmosis unit in Belize, learn about the payback of an off-grid solar-powered desalination system, view our fresh commissioned project on the British Virgin Islands and follow our world-tour visiting the Pacific in moving from water scarcity to abundance.

Belize. Mother Nature isn’t always so reliable.

‘’The natural beauty of Belize’s Gladden Island is guaranteed.
However, Mother Nature isn’t always so reliable. A rain catchment system needs a backup plan to ensure consistent water supply during dry periods. The original water supply plans weren’t sufficient for this island hideaway. 

The Gladden team received a high-level, cost-effective desalination system of Elemental Water Makers, delivered on time and had top-notch customer support throughout the process.’’ Chris Krolow | Owner, Gladden Island

Show me a financial analysis of efficient reverse osmosis

Resilient access: Solar desalination

Remote communities, island resorts, private properties, and water-intense industries face strong dependence on transported water, a limited freshwater lens or rainfall. A resilient and reliable water access can be realized using our Awarded solar-powered desalination technology when access is decreasing.

Below you can find the financial impact of an off-grid solar-powered solutionthat generates 5000 liters or 1320 gallons per day from seawater. Get access to potable water below 3 $ for 1000 liters or 264 gallons today.

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Enabling water for future generations.

Another unit running. BVI

On the British Virgin Islands, another desalination solution has been recently commissioned with success. The compact solution generates around 3000 gallons on a daily basis and runs on an extremely low energy consumption of only 1.0 kW.

Meeting 14 Ministers. Pacific.

Together with the PM of Samoa and 14 Ministers of Tourism of the Pacific Islands, we discussed water resilience for sustainable tourism and remote island communities to answer droughts and salinization.

Environmental Migration.

We were also invited to join the Budapest SUSCO conferenceon Environmental Migration. Water scarcity is a key driver for this phenomenon. We were honoured to share our experience in implementing solutions.

Investing in SIDS.

We were part of a training of 20 diplomats of Small Island Developing States for Blue Diplomacy, where we organised a session on water supply. We gladly invest in the water production for future generations.

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