Water in motion.

It has been a while since we have had the opportunity to catch up on recent events. Devastating signs of the vanishing groundwater on a global scale in USA today, the formulation of the Sustainable Development Goals to address the urgency of water scarcity and provide sufficient drinking water, the positive outcome of world leaders to start ending our fossil fuel dependence of the Paris Climate Conference COP21 and the pledge of 28 high net worth investors to invest in cleantech through the Break Through Energy Coalition, what do they have in common? They all confirm the need for an affordable fresh water supply through unlimited resources, the exact thing we have dedicated ourselves to.
Our installation on the Virgin Islands has almost produced an entire Olympic sized pool full of fresh water through solar energy. The Virgin Islands magazine Property and Yacht have spent three pages on an inspiring article about our activities on these fresh water scarce islands who cope with high energy costs. We are busy discussing several new project opportunities in this region.

In the meanwhile we have visited Cape Verde again, which suffers the same challenges as many islands, high electricity prices, limited rainfall and therefore expensive water. We have found a village which does not have daily access to potable water and relies on trucked water. We have proposed the municipality to provide them with a solution, for which the financing is already in place. This means we can offer high quality lower cost potable water for the villagers through a Built, Operate, Transfer contract with the municipality. We have reached spoken agreement on the commercial terms of the deals and expect a signed Memory of Understanding any day now. Once the paperwork to allow us to execute this project is arranged, we will be working to implement this win-win situation, which we are looking forward to.

In November we spent 4 days exhibiting on the Aquatech in Amsterdam, where we got the opportunity to re-connect with our suppliers, pitch for a selected group of investors and talk to various international delegations.

We have left the start-up phase of the company behind us, confirmed by Climate-KIC, the EU acceleration program where great ideas grow into great businesses, by completing the last stage of the program. The EIP-Water has reported about our progress in the Action Group news for Desalination driven by Renewable Energy. MicroGridMedia has written an article about us working with nature to reach 100% renewable energy. The newspaper Trouw also spent 2 pages on our developments. Elemental Water Makers was featured at a TV show about challenges of the future water supply (starting around 13:00) and we were interviewed on Radio 1 last week. Also Waterproof wrote a beautiful article on how we want to make an impact. Water is in motion…

Work with us.

Benefit from unlimited resources.