Water is part of everything we do.

Fresh water, there’s no life without it. It’s not only the water we drink, water is part of everything we do. The food we eat, the products we manufacture & the energy we generate represent the vast majority of our water footprint. What can we do to ensure access to water when its availability decreases?

The key to unlocking more water lies in the sea. Salt water accounts for 97% of all the water on Earth. We thought; why not use the elements in our favor?

Combining the power of the sea and sun, we enable reliable access to clean water from unlimited resources. This can now be done at any coastal location!
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Find out how to save big on your water expenses 

Clean water for off-grid property. Belize

The country of Belize has roughly 386 km of coastline and has many coral reefs, cays, and islands in the Caribbean Sea. Many of these islands and cays have limited fresh water resources. At the same time, the local water infrastructure can be expensive, unreliable and with limited quality. In some cases, the water is hailed by trucks, which is costly and noisy exercise.

”We were thrilled to find Elemental Water Makers. Considering our location, and our need for a system that could operate on solar power alone, their system was of particular interest since it was designed for low power consumption from the start.
And then, of course, we should comment on the competitive price and cheerful service, even when major difficulties with delivery meant their installer was unexpectedly stranded on our island for almost a week. He figured out how to redeem his time and cut what would otherwise have been very difficult additional costs to bear.
We look forward to a long and happy relationship with this fine company.’’

John & Sarita Holzmann | Property Owners | Ambergris Caye, Belize

Show me a financial analysis of solar-powered desalination

Efficient versus standard desalination:

Many people ask us about the difference between our solutions and a standard reverse osmosis unit. This is what makes us different:

  • Consume 3-4x less energy with maintenance-free energy recovery
  • Avoid frequent RO membrane replacement by automatic fresh flush
  • Water quality assured by constant monitoring & automatic stop
  • Easily make water by remote monitoring, control & automation
  • Durability & resistance to corrosion ensured as all wetted parts are duplex or super duplex steel and the frame is HDPE
  • Simply operate the reverse osmosis unit with a single button interface that provides access to production data & product water TDS
To visualize the impact, we created a financial overview below for a compact desalination unit that generates 10.000 liters per day and shows 55% savings:
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Global impact to ensure water abundance.

Tourism industry: Mexico.

Pascalle, Koen & Marijn spent past 3 months in Mexico to raise awareness on sustainable, self-sufficient water production for the growing tourism industry. The Yucatan times wrote an interesting article about their work.

Check out the article.

Leeward Islands: Carib.

High water expenses, limited rainfall & expensive energy. It’s a situation that affects anyone living or doing business on these islands. Using the sea and the sun, affordable water is within reach.

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Atoll urgency: Pacific.

Many Pacific atolls cope with water stress due to limited rainfall and salinization of aquifers. We are working on several projects to make these islands water resilient again.

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