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Ensuring fresh water today, without limiting tomorrow

August 17th, 2016|

While the northern hemisphere is busy enjoying summer, our office is buzzing with activity. The Greek President Pavlopoulos has paid us a visit to discuss the water supply for the Greek islands. Accompanied by the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs Xydakis...

Taking energy out of the equation

June 20th, 2016|

Past two months have been about spreading the word that it's possible to enjoy an affordable and reliable water supply through desalination, without having to worry about the cost of electricity. First we have been to the Virgin Islands...

Time has been flying and so are we

April 26th, 2016|

The next month we will show potential customers our installation on the British Virgin Islands and perform site visitations for new projects in the region facing an expensive or unreliable fresh water supply. We have the honor to present our solution...

Producing more water than an olympic pool can hold

March 11th, 2016|

Our installation on the Virgin Islands has produced more water than an Olympic sized swimming pool can hold. Over 3 million liters of fresh water have been supplied from seawater, using only the power of the sun. Already 17 tons of carbon dioxide...

Municipality in cape verde signs mou for water project

January 15th, 2016|

The island municipality has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with us for a project that will provide 50.000 liters of drinking water per day for an entire village of 1300 people that lack access to affordable and reliable fresh water...

Water in motion

December 17th, 2015|

It has been a while since we have had the opportunity to catch up on recent events. Devastating signs of the vanishing groundwater on a global scale in USA today, the formulation of the Sustainable Development Goals to address the urgency of water...

Video tour of bvi project and so much more

October 20th, 2015|

The video which shows you exactly how the installation on the BVI looks like and can now be enjoyed on our Projects page. Make sure to check it out so you're up to date on the easily scalable solution that uses unlimited resources...

Sea+sun+earth+wind = no more coastal fresh water scarcity

August 7th, 2015|

We can look back at a successful installation on the British Virgin Islands. As from this week, we have arrived at our headquarters in The Netherlands and have transferred the operational phase of the water maker to the end-user. Let’s shortly take a moment...

Commissioned solution producing elemental water

July 18th, 2015|

The Virgin Islands are the first to use a new renewable energy driven desalination solution that turns seawater into fresh water, developed by Dutch clean tech company Elemental Water Makers. The solution provides 3300 gallons of fresh water from seawater...

Construction on virgin islands close to completion

June 26th, 2015|

It has been a little bit more than three weeks of construction which allow us to state that the entire solar energy driven reverse osmosis solution on the Virgin Islands is almost completed. The source water intake has been realized and the seawater resistant...

Start of virgin islands install & video interview

June 5th, 2015|

The shipped container with the components has arrived safe and sound on the Virgin Islands and has been successfully cleared through customs past week. This means that the installation team of Elemental Water Makers can now commence with the construction...

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