Allow us to showcase an operational installation on the British Virgin Islands by sharing its real-time performance. While only using 12 kWp of installed solar panels, the system is designed to produce 12,500 liters or 3,300 US gallons of fresh water from seawater on a daily basis .

This installation saves the end-user 63% on the costs for water, while at the same time avoiding the yearly emission of 25 metric tons of CO₂. Enjoy the live performance from anywhere around the world and familiarize yourself with the different components.


Current water production

510 l/hr = 135 US gph

Average water production:
12.6 m3/day = 3328 gpd

Total water produced:
7001.8 m3 = 1849672 US gallon

Total emissions avoided:
38.62 tons CO2

Water quality standards met:

Current solar energy used

0 Watt

Solar energy used today::
34 kWh

Total solar energy used::
26352 kWh

Footprint of the solar panels::
77 m2 = 830 ft2

Current elevated buffer capacity

58 %

Buffer equivalent without solar energy input:
22 hours of operation

Total elevated buffer capacity:
144 m3 = 38000 US gallon


The project was kicked-off with a personal intake with the team of Elemental Water Makers, in which the clients requirements and demands were defined. This resulted in a tailor made project proposal, containing the footprint, costs, time-line for implementation and organization of the operations and support. Through close collaboration, this proposal was converted into a supply agreement to implement the solution. The project was carefully prepared and executed, through frequent communication with the client. The team of Elemental Water Makers managed the implementation process and delivered the turn-key solution which generates fresh water, while only using the sea, sun and earth. Local personnel have been trained to execute the maintenance tasks and through real-time remote sensing the water quality and reliability are assured.

Transport using seafreight to bring in the components
Barge transportation to reach the outer island
Submersible pump ready to be placed inside the well
Pipeline and cables in the scrubbleditch
Pipeline and cables ready to be covered with soil
Slab foundations for solar frame under construction
Construction of solar frame
The solar panels and elevated water buffer
The elevated water buffer
Installation of the reverse osmosis membranes
Prefilters, reverse osmosis and energy recovery
Through real-time remote sensing the water quality and reliability are assured
Cheers to that


Diamond Reef Limited

British Virgin Islands

My family and I selected Elemental Water Makers to provide fresh water for our home in the British Virgin Islands because they presented us with a cost effective solution to creating a continuous supply of very high quality water -- without monthly electrical bills and without using fossil fuels. Their technical people listened carefully to our needs, were a pleasure to work with, and in the end designed a custom solution that works as promised.

After struggling for years with high electric costs, power outages and the unreliable water quality and volumes produced by our home's traditional reverse osmosis system, we now enjoy more than 3,300 gallons of fresh water every day, using nothing more than sunshine and the natural elevation of our property. And in the process, my children and I are helping to reduce the Virgin Islands' carbon footprint and preserve its precious environment for future generations.

We would recommend Elemental Water Makers without hesitation.

Paul Serini, J.D.
Director, Diamond Reef Limited
CEO, SFP Capital Partners LLC
Chairman, The Helen J. Serini Foundation, Inc.

Demonstration Project

Indonesia, Bali

At this location we have constructed a small-scale pilot that produced 2.5 m³/day or 660 gpd from brackish groundwater, using only the energy from 640 Wp of installed solar panels. This project has been the result of a cooperation between the University of Technology Delft, The Netherlands and the Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia and has proven the working principle. The project has won several prestigious innovation awards.

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